Activities to engage a 3 years old child in the best way this summer

When you have three years old to take care of, it becomes quite exhaustive to keep them busy because the kids of this age are very energetic and they want to do something all the time. But what to do to keep these kids busy all the time as they get bored easily and need new things to get busier.

Here in this post, you are going to learn ways in which a parent or a guardian can help three years old to stay busy and active. Even if you are a teacher at some school or daycare or a Montessori, these tips are for sure going to help you with the three years old.

  • The best way to deal with an energetic, hyperactive three years old child is to make a schedule for them where they can have a specific time defined for all their tasks such as eating, bathing, playing, napping, sleeping, and going outside to play. This will organize not only you but also the child according to the time and schedule.
  • Engaging your child in physical activities such as those that include indoor activities like playing with dough, building with blocks, playing with toys and other such things can make them busy indoors. While you can take them outdoors too so they can enjoy certain sports, running, racing, chasing, cycling, using the scooty and several others. This will burn their energy and will make them have the best of their time.
  • Another way to keep your three years old child busy for a few hours each day is to make them join the Montessori. There are several good ones near you such as the 2000 days Montessori learning program where the child can join it and start learning just the day the steps foot in. in such a place your child would be able to make the best out of his time, enjoy the process of learning and build self-confidence in himself that would be his treasure for the rest of his life. There are many short-spanned programs as well that are offered by these Montessori systems that your child can join for the summer days.
  • You can also involve your child in some household chores and they need not be anything in particular. Rather you can make them join you in doing anything that you are doing on your own. Such as folding the laundry, hanging the clothes on the line, ironing the clothes, cooking, cleaning, dusting, or anything else.
  • Make your child become an artist and for that, you can give him some colors and paints so that he can draw, paint and color different objects so that he gets busy and he learns to be creative as well.

These are some ideas from us that would help you with the child and for taking care of him. You can add everything and anything that your kid likes to do with you to keep him busy.