Myths and Facts, You Need to Know about CBD

CBD products are being used since past few years. There are many kinds of CBD infused packs and all have unique qualities. CBD isn’t new in natural therapeutic spectrum however people are still ignorant about CBD’s beneficial qualities, thus often believe myths that need to be ignored to enjoy its health benefits.

There is no doubt about the multiple health benefits of CBD helping its consumer to enjoy good health. However, the myths about CBD makes people hesitate to buy them from even the most popular online marketing sites like Just CBD. They have a wide range of CBD products including CBD for dogs of superior quality.

The products are tested by certified laboratories thus no need to doubt its authenticity. The misconceptions about CBD play a great role in people shying away from buying effective CBD products having negligible negative health effects.

Few myths and facts you need to be aware of to enjoy CBD health boosting goodness-

  • Hemp seed oil and CBD oil are similar in qualities.
    • CBD oil is derived mainly from the hemp plant however it has different properties compared to hemp oil. Hemp oil is enriched with other goodness compounds thus more effective to treat many kinds of illness. The only issue in using hemp oil is that it contains THC in more proportion than CBD oil.
    • CBD oil is extracted from leaves, stalks and flowers of hemp. Hemp seed oil is made only using seeds of the plant. Hence, it contains other beneficial nutrients like Omega fatty acids, vitamins and minerals however don’t have CBD in its composition.
  • CBD affects everyone in same way.
    • Actually CBD effects vary for each person because its effectiveness depends upon many factors. The prime factors are its user health condition, age, body weight, dosage level of CBD used, the kind of CBD product used and the purity of CBD compounds present in the products. Some CBD products shows desired result faster whereas like CBD gummies works slower. All depends upon the way CBD stimulates the functioning of Endocannabinoid system of its user’s body.
  • CBD isn’t safe to use as it has psycho active effects.
    • It isn’t true for CBD extracted from Hemp plants as they contain only negligible proportion of THC compounds in it. However, CBD derived from marijuana plants do have THC in large proportions thus it is possible for you to get high.
    • CBD of hemp plants do calm your mind and reduces your anxiety and depressive feeling without subjecting your body to experience psychoactive effects. This is because CBD enriches the chemical in ECS called Anandamide that keeps you relaxed and happy.
  •  Taking CBD will not hinder the effectiveness of other medications.
    • CBD do alter the effects of other medications and therapy however in a positive way. Cancer patients find CBD helping to reduce the side effects of chemotherapy thus using CBD along with other medications doesn’t possess a problem. However, it is advisable to consult your medical advisor before taking CBD based medicines.

It will be beneficial to know more about CBD facts to not believe myths before you decide to buy from reliable sources like Just CBD.