Tutoring when my child does not succeed

Tutoring is defined as assignment for individual coaching purposes. It is used as a complement to regular instruction and not as a substitute. This service can be used from kindergarten to the end of university studies through CEGEP. These are teachers who help the child or adult student to go through learning difficulties at some point in his / her years of study.

Tutoring allows the student to receive individual and special help. It brings to life experiences of academic achievement that push the student towards greater self-confidence and gives him a much greater opportunity to achieve the desired goals.

How to recognize that our child needs the help of a guardian?

It is better to act as soon as we feel that our child is slowly heading for failure.

Here are some important clues to watch for:

  • He systematically refuses to do his homework and lessons.
  • He enters perpetually in conflict with you during the study period at home.
  • He has no motivation to carry out his homework on a regular basis.
  • It does not assimilate academic notions.
  • You notice a steady decline in his academic performance.
  • If the previous school year ended on the crossing line, there is a sign that help might be welcome.

Involve the child

The child’s consent must also be obtained before seeking the assistance of a tutor. The prior agreement of the student will ensure the presence of his motivation. It is essential for his success.

It will be important to determine together what you expect from the tutor who will look after the child.

Where to find a tutor?

From the moment you feel that your child needs the presence of a tutor, you can consult his school which will help you in the choice of home tutors in singapore. Teachers, and even acquaintances around you, will probably be able to inform you on the subject.

Also, do not hesitate and browse the Web by typing in the search engine, “home tutor in Singapore“, and a multitude of possibilities will be available to you.

Take the time to read the different types of services and the costs associated with them. In addition, educational assistance via the Internet is possible thanks to the cyberprofs that offer their support services. This type of help may not necessarily be appropriate for all cases.
Go for it, because at the end of the day, your child will be a winner for sure.

How to choose a good tutor rather than another?

Initially, it is very often teachers or retired teachers who offer time for a personalized follow-up. A teacher may not succeed with a group of students, but in private, the teacher finds the ideal conditions for a quality of higher education in his work in front of an entire class.

University students also work as tutors. Evaluate the needs of your child before closing a deal with any of the teachers. A good understanding between the child and the tutor is essential for the success of the support.

In principle, you should notice a change very quickly in your child and a noticeable difference as early as the eighth week.

How many hours per week can our child devote to the additional study?

The number of hours depends on a multitude of factors. A case assessment will allow, from the outset, agreement on a respectable number of hours for the child and the achievement of reasonable goals in the immediate future.

A follow-up plan will give parents and guardians and your child’s teacher at their school a chance to help the student overcome his or her problems.