JEE Mains Online or Offline?

The JEE main examination paper 1 for B.E./B.Tech students will take place both in offline and online mode. Students have the liberty to choose the mode of exam. Now, this raises the million-dollar question: should I opt JEE Mains online or offline? Many students face this dilemma of whether to choose the online mode or offline. There are many aspects to consider before choosing the mode of examination such as the difficulty level and the advantages and disadvantages. Here, in the article, we give a detailed comparison between the JEE Mains Online vs Offline which will help you make the best decision according to your needs.

JEE Mains Online vs Offline

The best way to make a decision between the two is by weighing the pros and cons of both and make a well-informed decision. Below, we have listed a few advantages of both online and offline mode of exams.

JEE Mains Online: Pros

The online mode of exam works in favour of students in the following way:

  • One of the best advantages of the online exam is that it provides you with the chance of going back to any question in the paper and change your answer, without leaving behind any marks. Whereas, in offline mode, you have no scope to alter your answers on the OMR sheets.
  • In online mode, you can avoid wasting time marking the answers like done on an OMR sheet. You need approximately a good 10 minutes to bubble your answers on the OMR sheet which implies that you lose about 5.56% of your crucial time simply on marking answers.
  • One might have surely encountered this problem: let us consider you were going to fill up a bubble for the option ‘D’ in question number 17. Instead, you ended up filling ‘D’ for question 18 or 19. This is a very common problem that students encounter. This kind of error can be avoided in the online mode.
  • In the online mode, the navigation of the entire question paper and keeping a track of unanswered and answered questions which needs revision can be easily kept track of. You just need to flag these questions as per your requirement and you will be able to revisit these questions due to the different color codes.

JEE Mains: Cons

There are a few disadvantages of taking the exam online. Alternately, they are the primary benefits of the offline mode of examination. Following are a few of the disadvantages:

  • In spite of moving towards a digital world, there is always a chance of power outages or connectivity issues in the online mode. This can pose as a threat and can cause nervousness in a student.
  • In an online mode, you can view only one question at a time. Whereas, in an offline mode, one has access to the entire paper at any given time.

Opt for Online or Offline?

Going by the discussion so far, it is clear that the online mode has an advantage over the offline mode. The only thing that is holding back a student from opting for an online mode is the anxiety and uncertainty created by not being used to it. One can overcome the fear by practising a lot of mock tests available online. Students appearing for JEE exams can subscribe to BYJU’S YouTube Channel to learn tips and tricks to solve questions easily.