How Does Clout pay Work?


Cloutpay promises to be the ” “#1 Influencer network” and states that they will pay individuals $10 – $15 per friend they can invite to join. This seems like an incredible offer, especially when you consider other networking sites that are offered at a much lower rate. However, CloutPay seems to be using some “spammy” marketing techniques to get people to sign up for their service.

These techniques include sending out mass email messages to everyone in your contact list with a link to the CloutPay website. Also, they have taken the approach of requiring that all of the information on your sign up page is filled out with some form of paid advertising, such as Google AdSense or Yahoo Search Marketing.

The Program:

What’s the program about?

Clout pay review: The way that this program works is pretty straight forward. Basically, when you apply to become an influencer, you’ll be required to take a short 2 minute training program.

This training program will teach you how to create profiles on the networks, set up your profile page, and how to get paid for your influencer ship. The reason that the program is short is so you can get the information across to your prospects and convince them to really give it a try.

Does this program really work?

I’ll answer that with a resounding yes! If you’re not familiar with social networking and how it works, then you’re going to need to take some time to learn about this specific method before you decide to join CloutPay as an influencer.

Most network marketers have a hard time getting their businesses into the right niche because they don’t understand social networking enough. While this program isn’t a scam, it does come with some risks.

The downsides?

While you might make money online, there is no way to know how much until you actually get paid. Some of the people who joined CloutPay as an affiliate did make money, but it wasn’t much. This isn’t to say that those who didn’t join the program wouldn’t make money, but the payout isn’t going to be substantial like if you were using a standard affiliate marketing strategy.

The downsides can be quite minor, but it does have its positives. As stated above, you can expect to make money when you are an affiliate. The key to making this money though is learning how to use the power of social media influencers correctly.

You’re basically just setting up profiles on the networks, and people are going to want to know who you are, what you do, and where you’re from. If you are promoting someone else’s product or service, you will need to follow the rules of the network and set up a profile for your product accordingly.

The biggest thing that makes Cloutpay stand out from the crowd is that it offers so much for so little. If you really want to earn some good money, then you might want to take a look at getting yourself a copy of the latest and greatest guide to making money through social media.

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