What to Know Before Installing Impact Doors& Windows

Impact doors and windows are a common phrase in most home improvement projects. They offer numerous benefits to homeowners and are ideal in hurricane-prone areas. If you are undertaking a home improvement project, you may want to replace your traditional windows or doors with hurricane-impact glass. However, there are various things to know before installing storm-impact doors and windows.

These include;

  1. Quality matters!

Quality is key when installing impact doors and windows. You probably want to install them to protect your home in case of hurricanes and other natural disasters. Quality materials used in the construction of impact-resistant windows and doors will ensure optimal protection against weather elements. Choosing superior quality doors and windows reduces the risk of shattering when flying debris hits your glass.

It’s then advisable to acquire your products from an accredited manufacturer and have them installed professionally. Moreover, have the installer help you source the best materials for your window and door replacement project.

  1. Professional installers are a must

Impact windows and doors are a great way to protect your home from hurricane-force winds. They feature delicate yet strong laminated glass that resists the force of hurricane-level winds. You don’t want to damage your windows and doors or property when installing them. And you need experts who have the proper equipment to handle the project.

  1. Accurate measurements are necessary

Accurate measurements are essential when installing impact doors and windows. They ensure that your windows and doors fit perfectly and don’t allow in cold air. When taking measurements, you should measure the width, height, and depth of both the frames. This should be done separately to avoid any potential issues during installation.

  1. Choosing the right window type helps

You will get different impact window types in the market. But not all will fit your needs. The common impact windows feature aluminum, vinyl and wood. Aluminum is strong, lightweight and weather resistant but will require painting.

On the other hand, vinyl is an excellent insulator and offers high energy savings. It is also easy to maintain but may rot or warp.

  1. Always read the fine print

Choosing the right impact doors and windows goes beyond picking the right products. Check other aspects like the warranty and whether it covers broken seals and leaks. Find out for how long the warranty is valid and if the manufacturer takes liability in case of breakages. Also, check if the company and the installer are licensed to work in your location, for this helps avoid issues when you need them most.

  1. Think of the frames

For enhanced durability, go for solid frames featuring steel-reinforced sashes. This helps prevent warping and is long-lasting. Sloped sills help drain rainwater which can cause water damage to your home. Check other things, such as double ventilation locks and fusion-welded sashes and go for custom windows since they meet your needs better.


With the increased threat of severe weather conditions, many homeowners are now turning to hurricane-resistant windows and doors. Professional window installation can provide many benefits and help ensure that your windows and doors will withstand intense storms.