Top 10 Tips for Bus Tours In India

The bus travelling in India is fun, especially when you are on a long bus journey to some hill station or popular tourist attraction. You pass through beautiful hills, cascading waterfalls, lush green valleys, small settlements, and vibrant cities. The bus journey in India takes you on an exhilarating tour of wondrous attractions. On the way, you do not miss out on anything as you encounter a myriad of beauties. But bus travel can be hectic at times as sometimes you do not get your tickets and sometimes you end up compromising comfort and safety. So, here we are with the top 10 tips for bus tours in India. These travel tips would certainly enhance your travel experience.

Book your Tickets In Advance

Ensuring seats while travelling by bus in India is not as easy as it looks. It is because the kind of crowd you would encounter while booking bus tickets is simply astonishing. Hence, always make sure to book your tickets at least one month prior to the date of departure so that you have multiple options to choose from.

Carry Snacks and Water

How can a bus journey be complete without your favourite snacks? Isn’t it? Of course, you would want to munch on some bites while enjoying great views and spectacles outside of the bus. Also, carry water bottles, especially during the summer season, so that you stay hydrated throughout your journey.

Keep an Eye on Your Bags

Do not leave your bags and belongings alone as there are chances of theft while travelling in public spaces. Hence, make sure you always keep a tab on your items, whether it is your trolly bag or backpack. You can book sleeper buses online for extra safety and comfort.

Do Not Carry Valuable Materials

First of all, refrain from carrying valuable things with you when you are travelling by bus, train, and other public means of transport. However, in case you are carrying important and high-value materials, do not flaunt them in public, especially cash and jewellery. It increases the risk of getting tailed by thieves.

Book with Goibibo Bus Booking App

If you want to book your bus tickets at the best prices available, then you should download the Goibibo bus booking app. It is one of the leading online travel agencies with a customer base of millions of travellers. Avail seasonal discounts, promotional offers, and a lot more on your bus tickets with the app. Book sleeper, luxury, air-conditioned, and other types of buses. You can also have a great international hotel booking, flight booking, and cab booking experience.

Stop for Tea Breaks

Except for the short journeys that usually last 1-2 hours, make sure to stop for tea breaks. It would provide you with time to stretch yourself a little, go for a loo break, feast on some lunch or dinner, and take a stroll. This way you wouldn’t get bored during your journey.

Try Booking Sleeper Buses

If comfort and convenience are what you are looking for during your bus journey, then you must book sleeper buses. If you are travelling during the summer season, do go by air-conditioned buses. It is because sleeper buses provide comfortable seats. You have an entire cabin to feel at ease and to sleep carelessly while maintaining your privacy.

Check Facilities and Ratings of the Bus Provider

Of course, you would want at least all the basic facilities during your bus journey. Nowadays buses have ultra-luxury seats, air-conditioned cabins, and toilets for their customers. Online bus services let you track your bus, allow you to book specific seats, and a lot more. They also have 24*7 customer support service which is extremely helpful.

Bring Headphones

What if you get bored just looking outside of the bus on a long journey? To tackle this situation, you must have some entertainment options. Isn’t it? So, do not forget to bring your headphones so you can watch your favourite show or movies while on the way. You can also bring some reading material if you are a bookworm.

Choose Comfortable Wear

You should wear clothes according to the season. If you are travelling during winter, then make sure you are covered in some layers. If it is summer, then wear some light clothing such as t-shirts, pants, tops, jeans, etc. Comfortable clothing would surely enhance your travel experience.