Things to Know to Get Plastic Prototype That Meet Company Standards

Getting the best plastic prototype that meets the company’s standard is challenging. Companies have to find the right plastic prototyping service to get the prototype they want. Check the information below about the way to find the best company to get high-quality plastic prototypes.

Learn the Properties of the Plastic

Plastic seems to look the same, but they are not. Some plastics have different properties than others. Knowing the properties of the plastic is one of the crucial ways to get a high-quality prototype. The properties of the plastic are related to the characteristics of the prototypes. It is the reason why you find softer or brittle prototypes out there. The characteristics of the plastic determine the machining techniques, tooling selection, and machining parameters a prototyping company uses. Make sure that they also know about the properties of the plastic to make sure that you get the best prototype.

Know the Rigidity Level

You also need to know more about rigidity level while looking for the right plastic prototyping company. A plastic prototype that has the right rigidity level will free from deflection and excess vibration during the machining process. So, how to determine the right rigidity level to produce the best plastic prototype? You can do it by adding ridges to the clamping mechanism. You can also use the appropriate collected size and design a broader surface area engagement of the part with the fixture to get a prototype with the right rigidity level.

Use the Right Cutting Tools

Cutting tools have a crucial role in the making of the plastic prototype. The wrong cutting tools the company uses to create a prototype result is failed. Plastic is heat sensitive. On the other hand, most all cutting tools produce heat. The heat from the tools can change the size and shape of the plastic prototype. Most professional prototype companies use specific tools, such as uncoated carbide tools, polished tools, and tools with the right chip evacuation clearance. The tools are much better with plastic materials and have a low heat level. As a result, the employee can cut the plastic prototype perfectly without changing the size and shape of the prototype.

Know the Right Machining Parameters

You have to know the speed of the tool to produce the best plastic prototype. Let say you need to use a slower speed, along with a faster feed rate for treating plastic materials. The way you decide the machining parameters determines the surface finish of the parts. The right machining parameters can also prevent lousy surface finish and excessive burrs. It means the material will not gum up during the process. Make sure that you don’t cut the material too deep because plastic is soft. This material can’t take a high pressure as metals. The deeper you cut the plastic, the worst the result. Indeed, the prototype will be perfect by following this method.

Learn the Polishing Processes

You can polish the surface of the plastic prototype with a variety of finishes. Buffing is one of the best ways to polish the prototype. The process is using an abrasive medium to abrade and polish the surface. Machinists often buff their prototypes from course material to get the smoothest surface finish.

The Reasons to Consider the Criteria Above

Machining plastic prototypes is challenging. It is the reason why you have to consider the criteria above. Check the details below.

The Risk of Deflect

The risk of deflect is bigger if you don’t know plastic well. Let say the plastic prototype is soft and it gets slipped easily or even deflected during the machining operations. This prototype also has a low rigidity level. As a result, this prototype can’t hold distortion during the cutting process.

The Risk of Accuracy Dimensional and Surface Finish Alteration

You know that cutting tools produce heat to cut plastic prototypes. This process will change the dimensional accuracy and surface finish of the prototype if you don’t know the right tools to use. You even make the prototype melt, brittle, and prone.

The Risk of Stubborn Burrs

Some plastic prototypes face stubborn burrs. This problem produces holes and damages the prototype. As a result, you can’t use the prototype at all. Imagine if you have to start it over again because of this small mistake.

The Way to Choose the Right Plastic Prototyping Service

You may order a plastic prototype to limit failure. Indeed, you still have to make sure that the company can handle your request. A company such as WayKen uses several methods to produce the best prototype. One of the methods the company often uses is the CNC machining method. The company is using CNC machine tools with 3, 4, 5-axis in which they are high-precision tools. As a result, they can handle a variety of plastic prototyping services. They also know the right cutting tools to use to keep the size and shape of the prototype. You are about to get a precise prototype. The more precise prototype, the more accurate the data you can get before launching the real product to the market. The point is that the best prototype determines the quality of the real product. Having the right plastic prototype will also limit the expense.  Make sure that you get the right plastic prototyping company to meet the high-quality prototype that meets your company’s standards at an affordable price. The highest achievement is that the product has a good review from the customers.