Scholarships of Bennett University

Bennett University is a private university of Timer Group (Bennett, Coleman Co. Ltd.) situated in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh. It was established in 2016 to provide Ivy League class education to the students in the undergraduate and postgraduate courses to make them industry-ready. Bennett has partnered with many international universities, Cornell University, Florida International University, the University of Nebraska to name a few. They also emphasize on fostering entrepreneurship skills in their Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.


Bennett University runs several UG and PG programs under its umbrella, in the UG space, they offer B. Tech., B.A. LLB (Hons), BBA, BA (Journalism), BBA LLB (Hons). In the PG space, they have an MBA, MBA (BFSI), 3 years LLB (Hons), Ph.D., 1 year in Business Journalism.

Scholarships for UG Courses

  1. Tech : The scholarship in this course is only for the first year of engineering based on their score in the qualifying examination (JEE Mains and 12th score). To continue getting this scholarship in the subsequent years, one has to maintain a CGPA of 8.0 or more out of 10.0. Also, the candidate should not have any backlog in the previous year and no disciplinary case against them. The first-year fee is INR 3,50,000, a total of 16 students get 100% scholarship in the first year if their 12th score is minimum 99.5% in CBSE board and JEE Mains/NEET percentile is 98-100% or SAT score should be above 1550. To get a 50% scholarship of INR 1,75,000 which is given to 32 students in the batch, one has to have a 12th percentage in the range of 97-99.5% and JEE Mains/NEET percentile of 92-98% or SAT Score to be in the range of 1450-1549. Similarly, to be eligible for a 25% scholarship, one has to score 87-97% in 12th standard with 82-92 percentile in JEE Mains/NEET or an SAT score in the range of 1350-1449. This scholarship of 25% is offered to 240 students in the batch. However, if you have scored in the range of 80-87% in 12th standard and 75-82 percentile in JEE Mains/NEET or an equivalent score of 1250-1349 in SAT then, 160 students are eligible for receiving a 10% scholarship on the first-year tuition fees. This goes with a caveat, you need to have a minimum CGPA of 8 out of 10 to continue receiving the fee waiver in the form of scholarship in the subsequent years.

BBA: The rules of the game for BBA students are somewhat similar to their engineering counterparts when it comes to conditions of a minimum of 8 CGPA with no backlog and disciplinary case to keep receiving a scholarship in the second and third year. The first-year tuition fee is INR 2,50,000. Only 4 students in the batch here receive 100% scholarship in the first year tuition fees but they should have 12th percentage of 99.5% or above and a valid SAT score of 1550 and above. To avail 50% scholarship, one needs to have a percentage in class 12th in the bracket of 97-99.5% with an SAT score in the range of 1450-1549. Only 9 students in the batch are conferred with this 50% scholarship. 66 students having 12th percentage in the bracket of 87-97% with an SAT score of 1350-1449 are eligible for a 25% scholarship. 10% scholarship is given to 44 students in the program who 12th percentage falls in the 80-87% window with a 1250-1349 SAT score. Candidates taking admission under NRI/International Category quota are not eligible for a scholarship.

BA LLB (Hons): The candidate is offered scholarships in the tuition fees of first-year in his graduation. This scholarship is based on their 10+2 score and CLAT rank. 4 candidates are conferred with 100% scholarship if their percentage is 99.5% or above and the CLAT rank is 1-3000. 7 of the bright students receive a 50% scholarship with 97-99.5% in 12th standard and 3001-6000 rank in CLAT. If you’ve scored somewhere between 87-97% in 12th and has a CLAT rank between 6001-15000, then you will be receiving a 25% scholarship which is offered to 54 students. However, if your 12th percentage falls in the range of 80-87% with CLAT rank between 15001-24000, you will be receiving a 10% scholarship which is given to 36 students in the batch.

LLB (Hons): This being a PG program, scores considered here of graduation and LSAT (or DU LLB entrance exam test score). The tuition fees for first-year is INR 3 lacs, only 1 candidate with a percentage of 75% or above with 85+ percentile in LSAT (or 240+ score in DU LLB test) is conferred with a 50% scholarship. 9 students are given a 25% scholarship if their graduation percentage is between 65-75% with 75-85 percentile in LSAT (or 200-240 in DU LLB test). 10% scholarship is given to 6 students whose graduation percentage is between 55-65% with LSAT percentile between 70-75 (180-200 score in DU LLB test). Again, candidates under NRI quota are not eligible for a scholarship and once you receive a scholarship, you need to maintain a minimum CGPA of 8.

MBA: 1 student in the entire batch receives a 100% scholarship if their CAT/XAT percentile is 95 or above or GMAT score is 720+, or GRE score is 329+ or NMAT score is 220+ or MAT percentile should be 99.5 or above. 2 students are given a 50% scholarship but for that, they should have a CAT percentile between 90-95, GMAT score of 720 or above, GRE score in the range of 326-328, NMAT score between 211-220, or MAT percentile between 95-99.5. There is a 30% scholarship given to 5 students if their CAT percentile is between 80-90, GMAT score 650-699, GRE score 320-325, NMAT score 196-210, MAT percentile in the 90-95 range. 9 students receive a 20% scholarship of 20% whose CAT percentile is in the 75-80 range, or GMAT score of 600-649, GRE score 315-319, NMAT score 186-195 or MAT percentile in the 85-90 bracket. There’s something to cheer for candidates with work-experience as Bennett University rewards them by giving an additional 5% scholarship on tuition fees for students with work-ex over 2 years.

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