How to find a good Economics tutor

Many parents hire Economics teachers as tutors for their children. However, not all teachers in this subject know how to do a good job of tutoring.

There are certain recommendations from JC Economics tuition that you should consider when you decide to hire an Economics teacher as a tutor for your children.

  1. The Economics tutor should know how to ask questions to follow up and involvetheir student in the session.
  2. A good Economics tutor should be able to give the student, parent and teacher detailed updateson the progress  That is, a student must obtain detailed and accurate feedback about their work, a parent should know the degree of readiness of their child and a teacher should be informed of the Economics concepts for which the student is struggling.
  3. A good Economics tutor should adaptto your child’s learning style. Also, be able to explain, to whom it is requested, the way in which the student learns better so that the father and the teacher can reach the student.
  4. A good Economics tutor is someone able to give examples ADDITIONALto metaphors and resources to better explain the material. Ask yourself as a father and your child, too, if the tutoring sessions only consist of how the student solves problems and makes comments about them. Well, if so, the tutor is not doing his best to help the student understand the material. It is also important that the Economics teacher encourages the student to be independent.
  5. The Economics tutor should show the student how to recognize where to apply the conceptsin their context to make the task and subject matter easier.
  6. Because a good Economics teacher will encourage students to be independent, he or she must be able to help parents and their child learn general study skillsthat correspond to personal learning styles and are applicable to other subjects of the school, in addition to Economics. It is convenient that, the Economics tutor as the student, be of compatible personalities.
  7. If your child has difficulty paying attention or listening it is important that the Economics tuition Singapore uses different creative ways to maintain the student’s concentration, incorporating visual information to get more attention.


Often, Economics teachers face having to bring a student up to date on the previous concepts that are needed. If this is the case, the tutor should be able to explain to the parent how he or she will divide the time between the criticism and the current material.