Hiring A Home Sitter? Here are 5 Things You Should Consider 

It is not that easy finding a home sitter for your kid. It takes a lot, more than just looking at a list of resumes entering your inbox.

When choosing the right candidate for babysitting your kid after schools, there are many factors you’ll have to consider. Continue reading for tips you can incorporate in your efforts to land the best sitter for your child.

1. Have a clear job description

Sitters are involved in different tasks, like giving your child meals, picking them from school, or helping them with homework.

When you advertise a vacancy for a sitter, you must always provide a complete job description. You want to let the applicant know what the job will entail before they can apply. It can also help you narrow down your search to the right candidates for the position before you interview them.

2. Make it real

You are perhaps the best person to take care of your child. Now, because you are busy at work, you’ve got to trust people with the task. Of course, even the best nannies may not take care of your kid as you do.

It takes time to get along with the child and become their best friends. That said, you have to be realistic with your expectation for a sitter.

3. Find a more flexible nanny

If you are the kind of parent that comes home at different times, sometimes even late at night, you have to find a more flexible sitter. The nanny should be able to stay or work some extra hours.

You can also consider hiring two sitters if you come home at different times. This way, you can ensure your baby is always attended when you are away. Having two sitters is the best option if you spend more time at work. You can always reach out to another sitter if you expect to come home late.

4. A background check is a must

Never hire a sitter for your child before carrying out a complete background check. For instance, if the sitter had a previous employer, you shouldn’t mind contacting their employer for some information.

We all want the right personalities around our kids, and that means, when hiring a sitter, they must have a clean criminal record. Check the sitter’s employment history and credit rating before employing them.

5. Contact references

Your sitter will provide some referees when applying for the babysitting job. You have to go through all these contacts and ensure they are genuine. Call the referees and listen to what they have to say about the sitter. They may provide some useful information about the sitter that you need before putting her on the payroll.

Final Thoughts

Hiring the right nanny or after-school sitter may be stressful at times. However, that doesn’t mean you have to rush things up only to land the wrong person to take care of your child. Employ the five tips we have shared here and improve your chances of getting the right sitter for your child.