Are Essay Writing Services Worth it?


Essay writing is a very critical aspect of the students’ academic life. They determine the grade that the student will get. The technology has brought up many tools that help students in doing their assignments efficiently. For example, PaperHelp. They have writers that help students in composing the essays for them. Students nowadays would not just stick around a specific topic that they cannot tackle. They will outsource the services of these platforms for them.

We are going to discuss the worthiness of these writing services in this article.

The worthiness of essay writing services

Students who are stuck with their essay or busy with their work will look for alternatives that can do the work for them. However, most of the professors do not like this idea of buying the essay. These services take instructions from the students and tend to write an article according to the wants of the student

Why students use essay writing services

Students who are fluent in English or they are not natives of English speaking countries use these services. Also, those that have a tight schedule are lazy or have other things to do, use these services. They are majority international student. Their writing of English is not excellent as compared to native English speaking students.

A student may be doing a job that makes them busy. They cannot find time to write an essay. To cope up with the job and studying, the student uses writing services to deal with his/her essay.

Lazy students also use these services frequently. They do not like generally writing hence making them look for people that can help them in writing their essays.

Why students trust these services

They have professional employees that ensure students get quality work that they cannot be done by themselves. They do this quickly and relieve the students a burden of loads of tasks. Let us say it is the shortcuts to good grades.

These services write good quality content than that of a student. A professor is supposed to accept the work regardless of whether it has been purchased online or not. This makes students use these services a lot as it is tough for the professor to detect cheating in them. The work is of high quality and a lot of professionalism in it that will make it excellent and presentable.

The student is always in contact with the writer. These platforms allow students and their assigned writer to communicate effectively. This ensures that a student gets an essay according to the instructions provided to the writer from legit essay services.

Is it ethical to use these services?

Professors know that students use softwares such as Grammarly to check their grammar, such as Grammarly. Use the instructions that the teacher wants in writing your essay.

When the student is late on his work, they can use these services. For them to beat the deadline, they will contact these online services for faster delivery of the work.

However, if your degree is significant and you risk being caught if you use this service, then don’t. It is nevertheless necessary for professors to put into consideration students that are not native English speakers.


Do not ignore the writing services or just put them away in helping students in their education. Professors and teachers should be lenient on non-native English speakers’ students when grading them. This article has discussed why writing services are worth.