How to choose the right home tutor for your child

Students who have academic difficulties benefit greatly from school accompaniment or tutoring services. However, the supply in these sectors is abundant and you have to be careful to hire a truly qualified person who has the necessary qualities to make a positive difference in your child’s school career.

Here, according to our standards and experience, are the skills and qualities of a good tutor. Moreover, rest assured that all tutors at Stem Tutoring all meet these standards and often they surpass them due to their great experience!

The qualifications and qualities of a good home tutor

A good tutor is first and foremost a person who knows and understands the education program of the Ministry of Education, whether for the primary or secondary level.

It is ideally a teacher, if not a teacher in the making, who master the fingertips of the material he teaches.

The qualified tutor knows how to listen to the child and adapt to him. He has the ability to identify his personality in order to motivate him and enhance his learning. He understands his needs, chooses exercises that are relevant to him, and adapts his learning techniques according to the type of learner the child is. He works on his methodology and uses different strategies to arouse and maintain his interest.

A good guardian is also someone who makes a long-term commitment to the child and is available to respond to emergencies (note that additional fees may apply for this type of service). It leaves traces of what has been worked with the student and makes sure to follow up with parents when necessary.

Finally, despite all his skills and qualities, a good tutor knows that he is not responsible for the failures of his student. He equips him to the best of his ability and makes him responsible for his learning and his commitment to his studies.

Student and tutor: the perfect match

A young person who has academic difficulties and who is helped by a tutor has all the advantages of forming a good team. How do you know if the relationship is good between the child and his tutor? Here are some apparent signs:

  • The child is happy to see the tutoring period arrive;
  • He speaks positively of the sessions with his tutor;
  • His motivation towards school is increasing;
  • He talks about his learning and he is proud of his successes;
  • He has a better self-esteem;
  • He is more confident before exams and shows fewer signs of anxiety.

A tutor can really make a difference in the life of a student who is struggling or failing, but it is important to have a tutor who meets his or her needs.